The D Center Tutors are a collective of Agnes Scotties who strive to provide the campus(and beyond) help with digital literacy and expanding the power of Digital Portfolios.

Bryn Bassett
Hi everyone!! 🙂 I’m a senior majoring in studio art and minoring in environmental sustainability. Now what would you ever do with that odd combination? I want to go into interior design with a focus on sustainable design. So why am I a digital literacy tutor then? First, I’m a work study student for the education technology center (MAC computer lab in the basement of the Library.) I wasn’t tech savvy at all when I started there, and I’m still learning a lot now. I found though that tech skills are vital to the world of internships, jobs, and business. I figured now is the best time to educate myself so I am prepared to enter the “adult” world by the time I graduate. When we were testing the digital portfolio idea two years ago, I saw how amazing this tool could be so I wanted to be a part of this program to learn alongside everyone. Plus you know, I like helping out lost souls, because I totally understand the frustration of “why won’t my computer do what I want?!” mode we can all get in, so I’m here for you if you ever need to vent or want to make cool stuff happen on your domain. 🙂
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Jasmine Shakir
Hello! My name is Jasmine and I am a Senior at Agnes. I major in Public Health and I am fluent in Spanish and love learning about all cultures. My previous works have involved Reslife and the Center for Student Involvement. I love working with students and helping them enter into this "digital world". This is my first year starting my own website so just as you are learning, so am I! I look forward to working with you!
Beauty in the Chaos
Ashlee Wynn
Hello! My name is Ashlee, I am currently a sophomore Studio Art major with a minor in Psychology. A year ago I started my journey in becoming digitally literate. I didn't know what it meant back then, but now that I have spent time creating an online space that is all my own. I can really tell you that I have become a better person because of it. I completely adore fashion, and over the summer became a fashion blogger! I think the best decision you can make in your life is putting yourself first and following your dreams! The D-center is place to achieve that, believe it or not. Everything we do in this day and age is digital and requires you to have some knowledge of the digital world. Wouldn't you like to be a progressive digital citizen by becoming digitally literate? Come and visit me or any other tutor to better progress yourself in the digital world. I am here to help you be creative, knowledgable, and the best version of yourself digitally and fashionably!
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Reagin Turner
Hi! I'm Reagin Turner. I'm currently a sophomore at Agnes Scott College. I am a music major and I play the violin and the harp formally but I also mess around with the piano, guitar, and various other instruments. I am very interested in what I can do with digital literacy and music. Digital literacy is very important especially with the world becoming more tech friendly which is why working at the D-center makes so much sense to me. I’ve had and often times still have the feeling of being stuck in a ditch with my domain but I always find a way to make my domain better. Garageband is my favorite program because it’s user friendly to the point where you can focus on your creativity rather than on how to work the program. Youtube is my favorite website because I can watch almost anything.
Xinyao Li
I'm a senior student double majoring in studio arts and mathematics. I have strong interests in applying and transforming abstract mathematical methods into accessible artwork. I like using my digital portfolio to document my creating process and the inspirations I got from the classes, especially those inspiration from interdisciplinary connections. I love tutoring and feel excited to help the scotties to build their webpage which will document their academic and intellectual development during college life.
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Nell Ruby
You are powerful.
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Amira Daugherty
Hi! My name is Amira Daugherty, and I'm a first year here at Agnes Scott. I am a Political Science major who has a passion for all things creative. My specialties are website building, videography, and blogging. I look forward to working with you all!
Daney Flanagan
Hi! I'm Daney Flanagan. I'm a first year at Agnes Scott and I intend to double major in art and astrophysics. I enjoy drawing comics, photography, and photo editing. My favorite digital programs are Krita and Photoshop, but I work with a lot of other digital art programs as well, so if you have a question about one I'm happy to help!