Dr. Rachel Rossetti, Director

As Director of the CDVL, I'm excited to infuse SUMMIT and the Agnes Scott experience with digital literacy and digital citizenship. I'm a mathematician by training, so when I'm not wearing my Director of the CDVL hat, you will find me teaching/researching mathematics. I am particularly passionate about inspiring the next generation of women in STEM.

Dr. Jessica Williams, Assistant Director

I am the Assistant Director of the CDVL. In addition to helping direct the D-Center, I am a Black feminist artist, educator, and advocate dedicated to the creation of authentic and inclusive relationships, communities, and organizations. I believe in digital literacy as a way to learn and grow, connect with others, and increase my capacity for boundless compassion.

Student Tutors

Zoe Katz

Zoe Katz '19

Zoe Katz is a History major with a minor in English Literature-Creative Writing. In addition to tutoring, Zoe also manages the CDVL Social Media presence. On campus, she is involved in Sigma Alpha Iota, Dana Leadership Scholars, Black Cat, and Collegiate Chorale. Zoe tutors in Canva, Social Media management, Elementor and Web Design, Adobe Creative Suite, and Final Cut Pro.

Ashlee Wynn '19

Ashlee Wynn is a Studio Art major with a concentration in photography and painting. Ashlee has been a tutor for two years. She specializes in website organization and tutoring in Digital Portfolio basics, development, and management. Ashlee tutors in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Photoshop, Powerpoint and WordPress, and has also worked with faculty in maintaining their online presence.

Reagin Turner '19

Reagin Turner is a Music major studying music production. She enjoys incorporating music into technology and her digital presence. Reagin loves helping with the technical aspects of production, such as Garageband, Audacity, as well as video editing. Reagin tutors in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Powerpoint, Podcasting, Garageband, Audacity, audio recording, and WordPress.

Kierstynn Schulze '20

Kierstynn Schulze is a Film Studies and Production student-designed major with an interest in fashion, especially as it relates to television. She also has numerous years of experience in musical theatre. She loves social media, web design, coding, typography, lettering, and graphic design. She considers herself proficient in Photoshop and hopes to become more fluent in Illustrator this year.

Amira Daugherty '20

Amira Daugherty is a Political Science major. She is a third-year tutor in the CDVL. Amira is involved on campus as SGA President, MSA Vice President, and Presidential Transition Team Rep, and is also involved in the Greater Atlanta Area community. Amira hopes to be an attorney. She tutors in website building, portfolio creation and design, audio and visual production, and social media skills.

Sybil Liu '20

Sybil Liu is a Studio Art major and a Music minor. She has a wide range of interests, and enjoys the process of transforming information and ideas into visually engaging and appealing pieces. She has been exploring digital photography, illustration, video-editing, and developing personal website both as a tutor and personally. She tutors in Adobe Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Powerpoint, and WordPress

Daney Flanagan '20

Daney Flanagan is double majoring in Studio Art and Astrophysics. She enjoys photo editing, and drawing comics in both digital and traditional media. Her favorite drawing program is Krita, but she also enjoys Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. If you're looking to get into digital art but don't know where to begin, she'd love to help! Daney tutors in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, Powerpoint, Photoshop and Illustrator, and WordPress.

Eve Barrett '21

Eve Barrett intends to major in English Literature-Creative Writing. She enjoys stories and enjoys writing for her blog and keeps the CDVL laughing with her crazy ideas. She enjoys studying video production and is interested in podcasting. She plans to work to become a copywriter and work in advertising. Eve enjoys tutoring website design, content creation, WordPress, Powerpoint, and Microsoft.


Nicemode Charles '21

Nicemode Charles wants to double major in Biology and Economics, Pre-Med track, and aspires to become a medical doctor. She is an International student from Tanzania. She is bilingual, and speaks Swahili and English. She loves to write, watch movies, sing and travel the world. She loves to hear about other people’s experiences and share her experiences and challenges in her journey towards digital and visual literacy.