Second Year Portfolios

The second year of your digital portfolio will reflect your workshops, course reflections and co-curricular experiences, as well as experimentation with plug-ins and widgets. Think creatively about how you can use your website for presentations and organization. Link to your research resources, to blogs and pages that interest, delight and inspire you. Consider ways to expand the way your site looks and functions. Remember that you can change your theme and reorganize your material at any time. You can also change your “about me” any time you feel a shift or significant change in your profile. Always remember to tag and categorize appropriately, and you have endless possibilities. Consider syndication!

Second year idea for writing: Reflect on your choice of major. Agnes Scott prides itself on being a liberal arts institution. We believe all students should have a grounded educational breadth that spans multiple disciplines–this is the reason for general education requirements. We also want every student to experience what it means to think deeply and specifically about one particular discipline, what we call academic depth. This is the reason for our major requirement. In selecting a major students should consider the ways the discipline suits them. Discuss your reasons for your major choice. How does this discipline fit with your educational goals?