Fourth Year Portfolio

Carry the SUMMIT Point Wherever You Go – Migrating Your Portfolio

During your time at Agnes Scott we have created our own personal domains showcasing our most prominent work accomplished in our classes, work experiences and personal journeys across the world. This showcase will be prominent once we graduate and enter into the real world. How unique would it be to be able to showcase our academic and leadership journey during a job interview or internship opportunity? We could be put above all applicants just by presenting our domains, which contains all of our research, artwork, fascinating written work or even our growth as a photographer. This has been the goal of SUMMIT here at Agnes and now we are almost ready to share it with everyone. But there’s bad news. Six months after we graduate all of our work will be lost. Agnes has to make room for the incoming students so that they too can have this experience. But take heart; there is a way to transfer over your domains so that you can have them forever, without messing up any of your content or formatting. Take a look at the Q&As below to get started.

What is a domain and how do you select one?
Your domain is simply what is typed into the search bar of the internet, also known as your web address. They are always followed by suffixes that are 2-3 characters long, such as “.com”. Common domain suffixes are .com, .net, .info and .org. You can choose whichever suffix you like for your website.

Who is Tim Owens and what is reclaim hosting?
Agnes Scott has a great relationship with Tim Owens, the creator of Reclaim Hosting. He has given us the best price for allowing students to keep their domain and have full control over it.

What is/how do I buy a hosting service?
Through Reclaim Hosting, Tim has made easy tutorial videos on how to buy a hosting service and transfer all of your work at Agnes over to your new domain. A hosting service is a company that will simply store all of your websites on their server. During your time at Agnes your website is hosted under Agnes Scott. But now since you are moving forward, you will need to find a new host. We recommend Tim Owens at Reclaim Hosting, but there are many other hosting sites out there.

Are there other options besides Reclaim Hosting?
As we mentioned earlier, there are other hosting services such a BlueHost, iPage, SiteGround and eHost. But when doing the calculations, Reclaim Hosting will come out cheaper at $2.08/month.

Are there free hosting services?
Usually students ask why can’t they use free websites such a We chose WordPress because of their liability and space for creativity. There are approximately 77 million WordPress users worldwide and 30% of all websites online are made with WordPress. That should tell you something!
There is no discrimination against Wix, but these websites will not have all of the features of WordPress that you have been learning here at Agnes. WordPress allows you to be more creative and have total control over your site with the options of thousands of themes, plugins, coding. Because wix does not use WordPress, transferring over your work will be a lot more complicated. Be aware that the free option for wix will affect your website name and will include wix’s title such as instead of And Wix’s premium options will still cost more than using Reclaim Hosting.