First Year Portfolios

During your first year at Agnes Scott you will be guided through the steps necessary to establish your digital portfolio. The portfolio is a subdomain of Your address will be YOURNAME(or initials, or nick name, or codename)

One class period in LDR 101 will be dedicated to this task, where you will visit the D-Center be guided through the steps of creating your website. In your GBL 102 course, you will have another assignment that is specifically directed to your website. 

Instructors in non SUMMIT courses may also ask you to use your portfolio for specific assignments. The more you learn about the tools and possibilities of domains and websites the more powerful the digital portfolio tool can be for you. 

First semester tasks:

  1. Establish your domain with
    • What is a domain? What is a URL?
  2. Install WordPress into your domain
    • What is web software? How does function?
  3. Upload text and image in “about me”, with applied tags and categories
    • What is a “post” page? What is a “page”? 
  4. Upload your first post, with applied tags and categories (the post will relate to an assignment in LDR 101, reflecting on and connecting to Strengthsfinder results)
    • What is a tag? When is it used?
    • What is a category? When is it used
  5.  Install “SUMMIT VITA” subdomain
    • What is a subdomain?
    • What is a theme?
    • What are my general education requirements for the portfolio?

Second semester tasks:

  1. Add content to your domain
    • Mapping project in GBL 102
    • Upload an image from your travel
    • Upload text about your travel
  2. Consider categories for classes (especially SUMMIT related courses) and tags for your posts.