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A Word of Encouragement: Why Do I Need to Create My Own Website?

A Word of Encouragement: Why Do I Need to Create My Own Website?

Each day the world is rapidly moving towards more technology and having everything that we need at the click of a button. All of this easy access is not only allowing people to progress more quickly in their fields and lifestyles but it also allows is allowing us to showcase our talents to reach a broader audience. The internet is a very convenient way to showcase your work, no matter if you’re a writer, dancer, artist or world traveler. People want to know you more.

I didn’t understand this when I first heard about creating my own domain. At first it seemed like a lot of work and I saw nothing good that could come out of it. But I decided to give it a shot. Themes… Coding…Blog posts… it was a lot.  It took almost four months before I got the hang of it. What was I supposed to post? Should it be private or public? What was a theme and a category? Did it matter? What if no one sees my posts? Was it all for nothing? All of the questions flowed through my mind everyday and I’m positive that some of these may concern you as well. But these questions don’t take away from the fact that having your own website is so rewarding. After four long months I still have a messy blog, but now I’m up to something. I have so many topics that I wanted to dive deeper into. I’m learning about the many themes of WordPress (solely because I change my theme almost every day) and I even learned a few coding tricks.

With this new SUMMIT initiative, Agnes is placing their students way ahead of the game. All of the incoming freshman are being required to be challenged a lot, more than the Scotties ever have been, but it’s all for their best benefit. Required websites, required study abroad trips and global classes… pretty soon even the top schools will have a hard time trying to catch up with the scotties.

So why is it so important to have a personal domain?

If you use your domain to showcase your work, your process of reflection and growth throughout your journey will be able to show others what you’ve learned and how much you’ve changed as you become better at your skills. As students we learn very quickly that the growth we experience changes each year. Eight months pass by and we are full of knowledge that we never thought we’d have. Why not share this with everyone else in your circle? As you share your work you’ll become more encouraged by others around you. Not to mention the art of reflecting upon yourself and your journey becomes deeper, allowing you to become a better student and person as a whole.

Another important reason to have your own domain is to prepare you for your careers in the future. Like I mentioned earlier, having your own website that showcases your talents can set you above all other applicants. Job interviews only last so long, so sending them your resume along with your very own website sets you up for more success. Businesses and corporations will be able to see how much work you’ve done and where your passions and strengths are. And with WordPress you have the absolute freedom to make your site look however you want. You can browse the thousands of themes and make post that are interesting to you, alongside uploading some of your profound work assignments that are due for class.  

It’s only been five months since I’ve started working on my domain and I could only imagine what emotions you are going through. If it helps, we’re all in this together and you have an innumerous amount of support around you if you just ask! Your website could come out of Agnes looking stunning and full of potential if you truly work hard with it. The pain is now, but the possibilities will be endless.


For any questions or help needed regarding your personal domain, contact a tutor at the D-Center @


Reclaim Hosting: Transferring Over Your Domain

Reclaim Hosting: Transferring Over Your Domain

Carry the SUMMIT Point Wherever You Go

During our time at Agnes Scott we have created our own personal domains showcasing our most prominent work accomplished in our classes, work experiences and personal journeys across the world. This showcase will be prominent once we graduate and enter into the real world. How unique would it be to be able to showcase our academic and leadership journey during a job interview or internship opportunity? We could be put above all applicants just by presenting our domains, which contains all of our research, artwork, fascinating writings or even our growth as a photographer. This has been the goal of SUMMIT here at Agnes and now we are almost ready to share it with everyone. But there’s bad news. Six months after we graduate all of our work on the Agnes Scott WordPress domain will be lost. Agnes has to make room for the incoming students so that they too can have this experience. But take heart; there is a way to transfer over your domains so that you can have them forever without messing up any of your content or formatting. Take a look at the Q&As below to get started.

What is a domain and how do you select one?

Your domain is simply what is typed into the search bar of the internet, also known as your web address. They are always followed by suffixes that are 2-3 characters long, such as “.com”. Common domain suffixes are .com, .net, .info and .org. You can choose whichever suffix you like for your website.

Who is Tim Owens and what is reclaim hosting?

Agnes Scott has a great relationship with Tim Owens, the creator of Reclaim Hosting. In order to keep your website and all of your work, you will have to create your own domain and Tim  has given us the best price for allowing students to keep their domain and have full control over it. You can visit for more information. 

What is /How do I buy a hosting service?

Through Reclaim Hosting, Tim has made easy tutorial videos on how to buy a hosting service and transfer all of your work at Agnes over to your new domain. A hosting service is a company that will simply store all of your websites on their server. During your time at Agnes your website is hosted under Agnes Scott. But now since you are moving forward, you will need to find a new host. We recommend Tim Owens at Reclaim Hosting, but there are many other hosting sites out there.

Are there other options besides Reclaim Hosting?

As we mentioned earlier, there are other hosting services such a BlueHost, iPage, SiteGround and eHost. But when doing the calculations, Reclaim Hosting will come out cheaper at $2.08/month.

Are there free hosting services?

Usually students ask why can’t they use free websites such a We chose WordPress because of their liability and space for creativity. There are approximately 77 million WordPress users worldwide and 30% of all of the websites in the world are made with WordPress. That should tell you something!

There is no discrimination against Wix, but these websites will not have all of the features of WordPress that you have been learning here at Agnes. WordPress allows you to be more creative and have total control over your site with the options of thousands of themes, plugins, coding. Because wix does not use WordPress, transferring over your work will be a lot more complicated. Be aware that the free option for wix will affect your website name and will include wix’s title such as instead of And Wix’s premium options will still cost more than using Reclaim Hosting.

Creating Your New Domain

Now that we have learned the basics of creating your new domain and you are ready to transfer over your website we can get ready! Tim has created 3 step by step videos in which we will use to move forward from here. Video 1, Signing Up, will take us through the beginning process of choosing a domain, sign up, and get your website running. You will need a working credit/debit card for this. Video 2 will show you all of the management information on how to keep up with payments through Reclaim Hosting and how to change you payment plans such as upgrading to more space and even add add-ons such as security protection. Lastly, Video 3 will show you how to start building on your website, similar to the WordPress C-Panel.


As you walk through the videos we strongly encourage that you work with a D-Center tutor here in Dana 210. We would love to assist you in any way. You can also sign up for one on one appointments on Compass.


See you soon!


Bullet Journaling 101: Your Life Just Got Easier

The 21st century can be so demanding. Our schedules are filling up by the hour and the random sticky notes can be found on our laptop, fridge and all over the house. As a college student my to-do lists are never in the same place. Typically my important reminders are scribbled in my Biochemistry notebook, my planner (after I search for it for the hundredth time that week), and let’s be honest sometimes my body becomes a jotting place as well. But in reality, how many organization methods can we have without our lives falling apart? Planning gets overwhelming and most of the time we just hope that we’ll remember everything. It’s time to drop the useless methods and discover the lovely world of Bullet Journaling. At first it only seems useful for the soccer moms with 10 kids and 3 jobs. There are extreme bullet journalist who seem to track their every breath and thought, but there are also those who make it as effortless as possible. Bullet Journaling can be  as simple or as creative as you want. It’s all about staying balanced on your own level.


Why Bullet Journal?
Bullet journaling is different from your typical calendar  and sticky note method. Everything for your daily life is in one place and you’re using bullet points as your main organizational tool. In this one journal you can keep all of your hourly, daily, monthly and yearly task in one place, along with important things not to forget. There are no full sentences in your journal, just quick phrases to get the job done. (Instead of saying Write Anthropology Essay on Humans Across the World you can just say ‘Write Anthro Essay’ or ‘Anthro Essay’. It’s your task, you’ll know what it means.

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I’m a senior, is it too late for a digital portfolio?

I’m a senior, is it too late for a digital portfolio?

Short answer: Nope.

Isn’t a digital portfolio like an online resume?

No, yeah. But, no.

Resume, cover letters, and even LinkedIn  can  tell employers only so much about you. What if you’re science major that can speak two languages? What if you are an English major but also a violinist? A chemist who loves to volunteer? The point is, there is more to you than your resume and cover letter. You’re awesome, show it off. Make me interested in what you’re interested in.

Aren’t digital portfolios for artists?

People want to be shown something, not told something.


Portfolios. The non-digital kind.
Portfolios. The non-digital kind.

Visuals are interesting and memorable.


Showing  things that people are used to reading demonstrates creativity.

Digital Portfolios are digital places used to hold digital stuff. Much like actual portfolios:

Everyone needs something to hold their stuff.  Everyone has digital stuff that needs to be held together. Conclusion: Digital Portfolios aren’t just for artists.



So, I am a [non-art] major, what do I put in my digital portfolio?


  • Presentations, like SpARC
  • Video recordings of you speaking a foreign language. (Showing and not just telling what you know.)
  • Study abroad journals, reflections, photos
  • Your resume, cv, and work
  • You’re probably an artist but just didn’t know it.
    • Photos and videos from experiences that relate to your academic growth (abroad, organization, internship, service project, etc.)
    • Original artwork
    • Performance piece
  • Organize your web presence with plugins
    • Social media, blogs, Linkedin, Flickr
  • Rough drafts, works in progress, and screenshots of your work-flow
    • CAD, Adobe Suite, other industry programs or applications
  • Interviews
  • Articles, journals, or books that you have read that are relevant to your field, a short reflection is a bonus.
  • Get creative


How do I get started?

Free: Many free blog hosting services to choose from

  • WordPress 
  • Google Blogger 
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • LifeJournal 
  • so many more

While free is awesome, it is limited in customization options, features, and plugins. 

Paid: Pretty much the list above but not free.

You typically get more features out of this option, more flexibility, more plugins, themes, etc. Prices can range from about $50 to around $300 a year.   

A domain is encouraged but certainly not required. You can start with a free account and later you can decide if getting a domain is right for you. If you decided to purchase your own domain you can migrate your content from your old site to your new one.

Once you pick a platform and get everything set up: add content.


Adding content

There are many ways to organize your .com home.  Some ideas:

  • Just add stuff, then organize. This way is kind of messy but organic
  • Create an outline (this would be your site map)
  • Look at examples and then tweak








Even More Examples: – This is a H.S. AP Anatomy portfolio – Environmental educator,  LSU  – Public Relations/Communication, LSU – Civil Engineering, LSU – Linguistics, LSU – Electrical Engineering, Auburn – Biological Sciences, Auburn – Professional and Public Writing, Auburn – Ecological Engineer, Auburn – Travel Blog by Matt Harding


TL;DR Make an appointment with a D Center tutor