4 Parts of Summit

  1. Board of Advisors: board members provide students with individualized, expert advice to help [you] chart a successful course through college and beyond. You will consult with your board members to cultivate leadership skills and global perspectives, and make informed decisions taking into account your academic, personal and career goals.
  2. Leadership Development
    1. Legacy: The Goizueta Foundation Leadership Immersion
    2. Leaderstories and Leadership Opportunities
    3. LDR 101 & LDR 102
    4. Leadership Specialization
  3. Global Learning
    1. Co-Curricular Opportunities
    2. Study Abroad
    3. GBL 101 & GBL 102
    4. Global Learning Specialization
  4. Digital Portfolio: showcase of collegiate journey organizing your most salient undergraduate experiences—such as essays, art, and projects you’re proud of—and your reflections on them.